About RX3 Adventure

Why another website about the Cyclone RX3? Well, I bought and RX3 (orange of course...) and thought it might be a good idea to document my observations about the bike and any servicing, repairs and modifications I make to it. Previous bikes have included 175cc and 350c Hondas, a couple of scooters (one Chinese), a couple of Kawasaki 250 Ninjas (one of which I built up from a junker) and most recently a Suzuki V-Strom 650 ABS. I've modified exhaust and fueling systems, mechanical parts and cosmetics, but mostly I've modified and added to the electrical systems of bikes including using PIC microcontrollers for various functions.

Since I've been a web author for more than 20 years and run several other websites, I thought I'd bring that experience to a website about the RX3 in all its forms, whether in the US, the UK, China or Russia!

There are already some very useful resources for RX3 owners. These include:

There are probably more and I'll add them to the list as I come across them.

Why the name "RX3Adventure"? Well, it's generic for most of the RX3 models (except the Russion M1nsk 300i for some reason), it's an "Adventure" bike and lastly it's an adventure to own one, especially here in northern Maine, about 3200 miles and a week or more's ride from the RX3 home base at CSC in California!

I can be reached at bob@rx3adventure.com