Digital Clock Mount

Though the RX3 has a clock, it's small and it's in 24hr format. You can't easily read it at a glance and I wanted something a bit more visible. There are dozens of small digital clocks available and I just happened to have a spare one that fit nicely above the instrument cluster as shown in the first image below.

It sits on top of the instrument cluster just under the windscreen. The question was how to mount it there semi-permanently. Well, the back of the clock rests against the windshield support platform and that platform is made of steel, not aluminum. Steel is magnetic, so some sort of magnetic mount seemed like a good idea.

I found two small angle brackets. These were also steel, though you could use aluminum. I mounted the brackets on the back of the clock using JB Kwik (a quick setting epoxy) on the other leg of the angle I mounted two small rare-earth (stong) magnets. This is shown in the image on the right.

The magnets attach to the top of the windshield mounting platform. To get everything aligned right, if you use a steel angle bracket you can apply the epoxy to the clock and magnets, then just put everything in place. The magnets hold everything together until the epoxy sets (which takes about 5 minutes.

I now have a 12hr clock I can read at a glance and which I can easily remove if there's a danger of it getting stolen (no big deal really, it's cheap), or it it looks like it's going to rain (I doubt it's very waterproof). It may not even need to be removed when riding in the rain as it's very well shielded by the windscreen.

I have no idea where I bought this clock, but you can find lots of similar ones on eBay for under $5. It's powered by its own internal battery, so no wiring is required.

JB Kwik on eBay