RX3 Dyno Numbers

CSC haven't published any dyno numbers for the RX3 yet, but I came across this printout of a dyno test on the NC250 engine, which is the one used in the RX3 (and a number of other Zongshen bikes). The original source of this data is unknown, but it was reported here - http://www.chinariders.net/showpost.php?p=184293&postcount=3382

It's not 100% clear what all the numbers are, but I've replotted the "revised" numbers for torque and power below, using the actual RPM numbers and the torque and power converted to ft.lb and HP. I'm assuming the revised numbers are corrected for some calibration offset of the particular dynomometer in use.

This shows a peak power of about 25.6 HP at 9000rpm. Torque peaks around 16.45 ft.lb at 7000rpm. There's no indication if these numbers were measured at the rear wheel of a bike or at the crank of an engine, or if they've been converted from rear wheel to crank values (or vice versa). Bikes typically lose around 10% in the chain and transmission before things get from the crank to the rear wheel. These figures agree reasonably well with the nominal numbers given by Zongshen for the engine, which convert to 16.6 ft.lb at 7000rpm for the torque and 24.8 Hp at 9000 rpm for the power. Manufacturers usually quote crank values because they are higher, though whether they actually try to measure the crank value or just apply some correction factor to the measured rear wheel value I don't know. The trend line though the data points is a 3rd order polynomial fit, so obviously it looks smooth. However looking at the actual data points there's no indication of any significant dip or peak in the power as rpm climbs from 4500 to 9500. Above 9500rpm, who knows? You can't really extrapolate these curves.