Cyclone RX3 Error Codes and Readout

If the RX3 has a problem in the Delphi Fuel Injection system the ECU (engine control unit) issues an fault or error code that can be read using a Delphi code reader via the diagnostic port under the passenger seat. Delphi have various (expensive) devices to read not only the diagnostic codes but also many engine operating parameters when the diagnostic port is connected via an interface to a computer running their PCHUD software. However if all you need is the error code, there's a simple, quick (and free) way to get it.

The small red engine icon in the lower right window of the warning light section of the dash is the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL). It will light up when the ignition is turned on, but once the engine starts it will go out unless there is an engine problem. If there is an engine problem it will stay lit and the ECU will record a fault code.

To get that code from the MT05 ECU is quite simple:

  1. Turn the ignition on, off, on, off and on again within a few seconds. That's on and off twice, then on again.
  2. If there's a fault code the MIL light will flash
  3. Count the flashes. There will be 4 sets of between 1 and 10 flashes each.

That's it. One flash = 1. Two flashes = 2 and so on through Nine flashes = 9 and Ten flashes = 0. Then there will be a pause and the sequence will repeat unless there are two faults, in which case the second fault readout code will be sent. The 4 numbers are the numeric code for the fault.

Here's an example:


If you were counting you'd have recorded the following sequence. 10 flashes, 10 flashes, 3 flashes, 1 flash. That's an error code 0031. Actually it's a P0031, where the "P" stands for powertrain, but all the codes from the RX3 will be powertrain (engine) codes.. If you look that up in the table below you'll see it's a code associated with the oxygen sensor, which makes sense since in order to get it I disconnected the oxygen sensor.

Here's a list of MT05 error (Malfunction) codes. The MT05 can be used with twin cylinder engines, but you should only see codes for one cylinder (coil, injector) on the RX3. I don't know if all these codes can be displayed or if there are others, but these cover the major fuel system components. There is a huge list of generic fault codes at but not all manufacturers stick to these codes.

Cyclone RX# motorcycle fault error c odes

Just for reference: