It's been said that the RX3 is a bit heavy for a 250cc bike, and based on the curb (wet) weight of around 385lbs that's true. However the curb weight of the RX3 includes a bunch of fairly heavy accessories that you won't find on any other 250cc bike. You don't have to add all the crash bars and luggage if you don't need them.

Here's a breakdown of the weight based on my own measurements:

Total Weight of accessories: 56 lb

If you leave off all the accessories the you get a Curb (wet) Weight of only 329 lbs

If you put on the passenger grab handles and foot pegs that increases the weight a bit to a curb (wet) weight of 336 lbs

Now if you compare this with a similar sport bike like the Honda CBR250R you find:

and don't forget the Honda carries about 0.8 gallons less fuel and the RX3 would be 5 lbs lighter with the 3.4 gallon fuel load of the Honda. So not only does the RX3 have more power and torque than the CBR250R sport bike, it's also lighter unless you add all the extras. If you were really concerned about weight, you could swap the standard battery for a Lithium battery and save another 5-6 lbs.

The dirt focused CRF250L dual sport uses the same engine as the CBR250R and weighs 320lbs - but that's with just 2 gallons of fuel. The Cyclone RX3 would weight 324 lbs with just 2 gallons in the tank.