RX3 Wiring Schematic

I've prepared an updated and partially color codes version of the RX3 wiring schematic. Use it at your own risk. I take no responsibility for the accuracy of either the original schematic or any additions or revision I have made. I made this for my own use, but thought it might be useful to others too.

The two revisions are (1) The "oil pump" marked on the schematic is actually the fuel pump as far as I can tell. (2) The "Switch Illuminator" used to turn the headlight and marker lights on and off. On the US version of the RX3 these are on all the time (required by law) and the switch has been re-purposed to control the A1 and A2 accessory outlets. The additions are a limited amount of color coding to make the circuits easier to trace. The colors are (mostly) the same as the wires should be and pinouts for the ECU and diagnostic connectors.

If you click on the unreadably small version of the schematic below, you'll get the full size version (which won't fit on a web page).